Last Monday we started a petition and posted a video to introduce the campaign we have begun.

5 days, 3,000 signatures, and 35,000+ YouTube views later, Medicaid contacted us and they are going to CONTINUE TO PROVIDE JORDAN WITH 24 HOUR CARE UNTIL SHE GRADUATES COLLEGE.

Glory to God for this great victory! We are so excited at what is happening and so in awe of the amount of support that has come forth.

Our video has doubled in views and we have heard from so many who are also affected by this issue and are excited by what is happening!

We are now working on our next steps… This will include spreading awareness, talking to lawmakers and formulating a bill to take to Tallahassee. We have much to learn but 21 Disabled will continue to fight this battle until permanent policy is made to ensure the livelihood of all disabled young adults!

If you haven’t already, “like” us on facebook! you for your support!


2 thoughts on “Victory!

  1. I just joined wordpress, and looked at this entire blog and all I can is CONGRATS! An amazing achievement!

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